Joya Brands investment

Joya Brands

A leader in the South African confectionary market, Joya Brands produces a range of high quality candy, toffees and chews, including sugar-free variants, under the "Amajoya" brand at its high-tech factory situated in Atlantis, outside Cape Town. The business was founded by neurosurgeon Jonathan Lamprecht, who previously successfully built and sold a candy business to Mars Inc.

"As an organisation understanding the ethos of entrepreneurship, Invenfin is a sound strategic partner for Joya Brands. They show an extraordinary commitment to sharing the challenges and opportunities myself and my team experience in our commitment to grow our business. Coupled with Invenfin's expertise in branding and their global reach, we are tremendously excited about this new chapter that awaits us."

- the late Jonathan Lamprecht, Founder

"Invenfin has proved itself to be a true business partner to Joya, its management and its shareholders over the last 6 years. Tragedy recently struck our family and business with the passing of my husband Jonathan, Joya's founder, and having an ethical, committed investment partner like Invenfin at Joya's side meant that we were able to transition successfully from a founder-led to a founder-inspired company under a new CEO, while still continuing to bring joy to more and more customers in South Africa and beyond, one Amajoya sweet at a time."

- Ingrid Lamprecht, director and major shareholder, November 2022

7 Neil Hare Road
Atlantis Industrial
Western Cape
South Africa